Our Story

BeLight Jewelry was created as Onkar began her journey with Kundalini Yoga and meditation in 2006 she had been a jewelry designer since 2004. As she started practicing yoga and meditation her jewelry design begin to take on a new form. She had wanted to find something that would express not only the creativity and color with the jewelry but also a healing quality to it. That is when she began to chant Mantra as she made each piece instilling them with high vibrations through the sound current. 

This has been one of the things that makes BeLight Jewelry unique and sought out by many. Each piece has been blessed or instilled with mantra and can be specialized for each individual client. Her current line is original, spiritual and some pieces one of a kind. She likes to describe her line as "conscious jewels”. 

These attributed brings the wearer a sense of style, peace & wellbeing. She had linked in a stone page so clients can see the stone qualities of what they are drawn to and wear. BeLight Jewelry will continue to expand and house other inspirational teachers and artists that will design under BeLight Jewelry.

Our mission is to supply or clients with tools to inspire, elevate and heal in a consciously fashionable way.